We build and ship digital products that transform people’s lives

“ZenKoder did a great job with helping us with
a technology gap analysis and roadmap.
We look forward to building out new innovations in the HR space with them”
Clio Knowles
Chief People Officer, SH Hotels & Resorts
“ZenKoder helped us build a sales demo tool by integrating with our entire api stack much faster than we expected.
It has significantly increased our conversion rate and we plan on using ZenKoder for a long time for our software development needs”
Partnerships and Solutions Architecture Team
backed by:
"ZenKoder built our internal people platform.
It has been delightful to work with them!"
Head of People
Virgin Group
"iDecisionGames created by ZenKoder takes the stress out of teaching highly interactive classes and lets me focus on delivering the content to my students without having to worry about the class logistics. iDecisionGames automates everything, making teaching easier."
Catherine Shea
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory
The team at ZenKoder has been amazing at delivering multiple projects at an incredible cost to quality ratio.
We plan on continuing to work with them for a long time.
Big 4 Consulting Firm
"I keep using iDecisionGames made by ZenKoder in my negotiation classes at all levels as there is no substitute to immediately being able to see visually all the results during debrief and to bring abstract concepts like Pareto Efficient Frontier to life! I would also like to note that customer service has been absolutely superb! Every concern and request is being handled immediately. Highly recommend!"
Rellie Derfler-Rozin
Associate Professor
“Zenkoder excels at the design and delivery of a product and bringing it to life. My company (Portakk) was impressed that they took a nascent idea and made it pop into a good-looking end-to-end product that pleases customers.”
Anne Johnson
CTO, PortAkk
“It is with the highest accolades that I am endorsing Niraj and ZenKoder. Niraj’s expertise, depth of knowledge in both finance and Technology, and attention to detail is exemplary. Niraj delivered clear communication throughout, and was very helpful in adapting and pivoting our platform as needed throughout our assignment with him. Anyone building or scaling any complex tech project (as we are doing), would be wise to work with Niraj and his talented team in order to create, develop, iterate and execute.”
Benjamin Marks
CEO, HedgeBase
"Working with Niraj and his team of UX Designers, React and Kotlin developers and Kubernetes devops experts has allowed us to accelerate the launch of our platform.
I highly recommend using ZenKoder for your software development needs.
They are an approved Goldman Sachs vendor"
Rohan Doctor
Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
“I have worked with Niraj and his team at ZenKoder for several years. They are fast, low cost and extremely talented at building educational simulations and machine learning applications.
I highly recommend using them for custom software development”
Jared Curhan
Professor, Work and Organization Studies, MIT
“Zenkoder did a great job with helping us with a technology gap analysis and roadmap.
We look forward to building out new innovations in the HR space with them”
Clio Knowles
Chief People Officer, SH Hotels & Resorts

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we help teams design, build and ship world-class digital products and systems.

What we do

We partner with you to solve difficult problems with technology

We build digital products and systems for any platform or media

We build enterprise software that doesn't suck

A Digital System for Deloitte

Building a digital system for the largest professional services network in the world.

LMS Live

Taking the traditional LMS –Learning management systems – experience to the next level.

Virgin Hotels

We teamed up with the charismatic brand to build an experience where everyone leaves feeling better.

All works

How we do it

Digital Strategy

We help you reach your goals in less time, at a price that allows you to learn and pivot quickly, without compromising in scale or quality.

User Experience

Guided by our collaborative spirit, we design digital products and immersive experiences, for any platform or media, that people love to use and align with your business goals.

Product Design Sprints

We ideate and create at the speed of thought. Product design sprints facilitate our ability to reach goals efficiently.

Development and DevOps

We embrace cross-discipline collaboration between technology, data, and design. The whole team owns the project and partners with you to create the most effective solutions to satisfy your business goals.

Enterprise UX

We shipped enterprise software that looks and feels modern. Our data-driven approach allows us to design, build and deploy custom enterprise solutions that move your organization towards its' goals faster than ever.

Data Science, ML and AI

Our team of data scientists helps companies design, build and deploy custom machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to accelerate their growth.

We have optimized our process so we can deliver results at a lower cost.

Working with us

As a full service product design team, we partner with you to define, design and develop the best solutions to your problems, regardless of platform or challenge.


Digital products shipped


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We are currently working with–

A multinational professional services network, building a digital ecosystem to empower the largest professional network.

A fresh, avant-garde hotel brand, helping with  their technology services.

A philanthropic foundation, focused on improving the planet and unleash human potential through innovation.

A social platform that rewards all users for their original content and network.

Meet the Founder

Niraj Kumar


Niraj Kumar is the founder of Zenkoder. He was formerly a Vice President at Goldman Sachs and has a MBA from MIT Sloan. Niraj leads a remote-first team converting new ideas into products for clients and for his own startups.

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